“Google searches for 'panic attack' hit all-time high during coronavirus - Body and Soul” plus 1 more

“Google searches for 'panic attack' hit all-time high during coronavirus - Body and Soul” plus 1 more

Google searches for 'panic attack' hit all-time high during coronavirus - Body and Soul

Posted: 14 Sep 2020 07:34 PM PDT

Searches relating to panic and anxiety attacks surged to an all-time high between mid-March and mid-May: up to 52 percent. Though not surprising, it could encourage search engines to prioritise resources for those seeking help. 

As the coronavirus pandemic began its infiltration of the United States, Google reported an all-time high of 'panic attack' and 'anxiety attack' searches.

In a new study from the University of California San Diego, researchers analysed how often these phrases were searched for between January 2004 and May 2020.

After considering population growth and increase in internet usage over the past 20 years, the data indicated searches relating to panic and anxiety attacks surged to an all-time high between mid-March and mid-May: up to 52 percent.

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This was at a time when social distancing guidelines were introduced in the US, and concerns seemed to be due to "anxiety about the disease and its societal fallout."

The study notes internet searches have returned to typical levels "perhaps because Americans have become more resilient to the societal fallout from COVID-19 or because they had already received whatever benefit they could from searching the internet."

It also notes that while it cannot confirm any search was specifically linked to a panic or anxiety event, "it provides evidence of the collateral psychological effects stemming from COVID-19."

Researchers hope this sort of data will alert search engines to prioritising resources for people in search of support at times of crises.

What does a panic attack feel like?

Many people will experience one to two panic attacks in their lifetime and they can come on suddenly without much warning.

Though not life-threatening themselves, they can be scary and affect your quality of life if they become frequent.

Here are the most common symptoms:

  • Sudden, impending sense of danger or doom.
  • Rapid heart rate/pounding sensation in chest.
  • Sweating.
  • Shaking or trembling.
  • Feeling of loss of control.
  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Chills.
  • Shortness of breath or tightness in throat.

Night mode camera phones to carry out low-light photography - Times of India

Posted: 15 Sep 2020 05:46 AM PDT

Smartphone cameras have come a long way when it comes to photography. This impressive upgradation has led to expanding the horizons of mobile phone photography that is not just limited to the daytime, and luckily, smartphone manufacturers recognize that fact. In the past, taking photos in the dark with your phone would probably result in underexposed and bad-quality photos. However, you need not fear the dark anymore!

We have enlisted here some of the leading smartphones with night mode ideal for night photographers:

The Samsung Galaxy M21 in its initial phase lets you push the boundaries of your photography with its 48MP main rear camera. In addition to the Night Mode, digital zoom up to 4x, UHD 4K video recording resolution, pro mode, live focus and scene optimizer are some of the other add ons offered by the budget smartphone from Samsung.
Features Samsung Galaxy M21

Screen Size 6.4 inches
Screen Resolution 1080 x 2340 pixels
Operating System Android 10
Storage 64GB | 4GB RAM, 128GB | 6GB RAM
Main Camera 48MP + 8MP + 5MP
Selfie Camera 20P
Battery 6000mAh
Processor Exynos 9611,2.3GHz,1.7GHz Octa-Core
One of the most sought-after smartphones from Redmi, the Note 8 handset offers a lot of high-end features in a compact price bracket. The 48MP AI Quad camera of the smartphone comes with a portrait, ultra-wide lens, macro lens, LED flash, AI support and beautify support. Note 8 also boasts of a Night Mode feature so you can have clear images even in the dark.
Features Redmi Note 8

Screen Size 6.3 inches
Screen Resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels
Operating System Android Pie v9
Storage 4GB | 64GB, 6GB | 128GB
Main Camera 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Selfie Camera 13MP
Battery 4000mAh
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
If you are looking for a top-notch smartphone and do not mind spending big bucks, then the Google Pixel 3 XL will be a great option for you. Though launched in 2018, Pixel 3 XL is still one of the best cameras on a smartphone, all thanks to Google's computational photography and software magic.
Features Google Pixel 3 XL
Screen Size 6.3 inches
Screen Resolution 1440 x 2960 pixels
Operating System Chrome OS, Android
Storage 4GB | 64GB
Main Camera 12.2MP
Selfie Camera 8MP + 8MP
Battery 3430mAH
Processor 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 64-bit octa core
Ever since its launch, the Huawei P30 Pro has taken smartphone photography to the next level. Its quad-camera setup brought real optical zoom to the mix, with 50x digital zoom capabilities, insanely high ISO sensitivity and a sensor that can compete with actual point-and-shoot cameras.
Features Huawei P30 Pro
Screen Size 6.47 inches
Screen Resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels
Operating System Android 9
Storage 8GB | 256GB
Main Camera 40MP + 20MP + 8MP
Selfie Camera 32 MP
Battery 4,200mAh
Processor HUAWEI Kirin 980 Octa-core

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the most popular mobile phones for night photography and has a dedicated Night Mode. It has three cameras that are ideal for a variety of different types of photos. In addition to the primary 26mm lens, a 13mm ultra-wide lens, and a 52mm telephoto lens, the Galaxy Note 10 also has a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor, which aids the camera in-depth estimation while taking portraits.

Features Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Screen Size 6.3 inches
Screen Resolution 2280 x 1080 pixels
Operating System Android Pie v9.0
Storage 8GB | 256GB
Main Camera 16MP + 12MP + 12MP
Selfie Camera 10MP
Battery 3500mAH
Processor 2.7GHz Exynos 9825 octa core

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