Google Adds Quick Insights on Ad Performance and 'Keyword Themes' for Ad Targeting - Social Media Today

Google Adds Quick Insights on Ad Performance and 'Keyword Themes' for Ad Targeting - Social Media TodayGoogle Adds Quick Insights on Ad Performance and 'Keyword Themes' for Ad Targeting - Social Media TodayPosted: 17 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDTGoogle's looking to enhance its simplified Smart Campaigns offering by adding a new way to quickly check on your Google Ads performance, and a new listing of keywords to target, based on your products and services.First off is the new ad check - Google's made it easier to check your ad performance in the mobile app, with a simple search on Google itself. As you can see here, search for 'Google ads' or 'My Ads' and Google will provide you with a basic overview of how your campaigns are going, while you'll also be able to see how your ads look to others.As per Google:"If you want an efficient way of checking your ad status, this feature is for you. We've made our reporting features …

“These are the most searched for celebrity homes online - Portadown Times” plus 1 more

“These are the most searched for celebrity homes online - Portadown Times” plus 1 more

These are the most searched for celebrity homes online - Portadown Times

Posted: 01 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDT

The home of Kim Kardashian attracts most online searches across the world, but in the UK, the Katie Price abode is more popular than that of the American star.

The most googled house of all in the UK, with 46,800 annual searches, is Ed Sheeran's.

Analysis of data showed there are 168,000 searches a year launched on Google for Kim Kardashian's house, with the top ten home searches being those of online influencers, actors, musicians, TV presenters, entrepreneurs and sports stars.

Whether searches are carried out for interior design inspiration, or for a bit of a nosey to kill some time, many of us love to peek inside the houses of the rich and famous.

Alongside film stars, TV presenters and footballers, the homes of two YouTubers and one Instagrammer also make the top list.

The data revealed that PewDiePie's house is the most searched for influencer property, and cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch's home attracts as many searches as make-up entrepreneur Kylie Jenner's (10,800 times annually).

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star also makes the list with 9,600 annual searches for his house.

The UK's "Most Searched For Celebrity Homes" are ...

Ed Sheeran 46,800Katie Price 38,400Kim Kardashian 14,400Holly Willoughby 12,000PewDiePie 12,000Lionel Messi 11,400Kylie Jenner 10,800Mrs Hinch 10,800Will Smith 9,600Jeffree Star 9,600Ellen DeGeneres 7,200Wayne Rooney 7,200Eminem 6,600Elon Musk 5,400David Beckham 5,400

Global data study results show Kim Kardashian's house is the most Googled. The Los Angeles home she shares with Kanye West and their four children is luxurious but minimalist, featuring regularly on her social media channels.

Kim's youngest sister Kylie's home comes in at joint second along with actor and musician Will Smith's.

The only British person whose home makes the global top ten is Ed Sheeran, who has built an entire estate in Suffolk where he grew up.

When it comes to sports stars, footballer Lionel Messi's and American football quarterback Tom Brady's homes make the top ten, and gaming vlogger PewDiePie and beauty guru Jeffree Star are the only Youtubers to make the list.

The world's most searched for celebrity homes are ...

Kim Kardashian 168,000Kylie Jenner 115,200Will Smith 115,200Elon Musk 105,600PewDiePie 99,600Lionel Messi 98,400Tom Brady 93,400Eminem 86,400Ellen DeGeneres 86,400Jeffree Star 82,800Ed Sheeran 80,400Justin Bieber 79,200

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, said: "In our most recent home improvement trends report, we asked where homeowners get their design inspiration from.

"The results showed that nearly a third use social media - often where the celebrities share their homes the most."The sheer number of annual searches of the homes of the rich and famous show that they are of high interest. The range of celebrities that are in the top list is definitely surprising."

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Top Google searches of the decade: Disney Plus, World Cup, and more - Business Insider - Business Insider

Posted: 23 Dec 2019 01:28 PM PST

  • Google has shared the top 10 trending searches from each year of the past decade.
  • Google puts out an annual list of the search terms that saw spikes in traffic for a sustained period during the year.
  • It also recently announced the top searches of 2019, and "Disney Plus" topped the list. 
  • Since 2010, Google's top searches lists have included celebrity deaths, major news events, and key moments in pop culture.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

As 2019 — and another decade — comes to a close, Google has shared the top trending searches of the past 10 years.

These are the people, places, things, and news events that saw the biggest spikes in traffic for a continuous period of time compared to the previous year, providing a glimpse into the topics that dominated the public interest over the past decade.

The 2010s brought the tragic deaths of celebrities like Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, and Paul Walker, major news events included Hurricane Irma and the trial of Casey Anthony, and two FIFA World Cups. Nearly every year, a hurricane dominated the search terms.

Here's a look back at the top 10 trending Google searches from each year of the past decade.


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