“Six Of The Top-Searched Google Recipes 05/27/2020 - MediaPost Communications” plus 1 more

“Six Of The Top-Searched Google Recipes 05/27/2020 - MediaPost Communications” plus 1 more

Six Of The Top-Searched Google Recipes 05/27/2020 - MediaPost Communications

Posted: 27 May 2020 12:00 AM PDT

Milford Daily News reported on the most-searched recipes in quarantine, according to Google. The article lists six of the most-searched foods on Google while people are staying at home, along with some related recipes -- everything from banana bread to meatloaf to cookies. 

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These Are The Most-Searched Coronavirus Cocktails In Every State - HuffPost

Posted: 19 May 2020 01:16 PM PDT

As Americans practice social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many have gotten into bread baking, tie-dyeing and home improvement. Others are trying their hand at a more spirited endeavor: mixology.

From "quarantinis" to Ina Garten's supersized cosmopolitans, cocktails are all the rage in lockdown. And there are some interesting mixed drink trends in the U.S. based on location.

Google released a list of the most "uniquely searched cocktails by state," which highlights the libations that were the most Googled in each state in comparison to the rest of the country over a period of 30 days from April into May.

While Palomas are popular in Arizona, California and Texas, people are craving Manhattans in Illinois, New Jersey and New York. The classic Old Fashioned took the top spot in seven states and Washington, D.C.

Read on for the most uniquely searched cocktails in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Alabama: Hurricane

Alaska: Whiskey Sour

Arizona: Paloma

Arkansas: Frozen Daiquiri

California: Paloma

Colorado: Hurricane

Connecticut: Margarita

Delaware: Screwdriver

Washington, D.C.: Old Fashioned

Florida: Cuba Libre

Georgia: Sazerac

Hawaii: Lemon Drop Martini

Idaho: Kamikaze

Illinois: Manhattan

Indiana: French 75

Iowa: Kamikaze

Kansas: Screwdriver

Kentucky: Lily

Louisiana: Bushwacker

Maine: Margarita

Maryland: Kamikaze

Massachusetts: Old Fashioned

Michigan: Cosmopolitan

Minnesota: Oliveto

Mississippi: Painkiller

Missouri: Gin and Tonic

Montana: Blue Hawaiian

Nebraska: Old Fashioned

Nevada: Grasshopper

New Hampshire: Old Fashioned

New Jersey: Manhattan

New Mexico: Old Fashioned

New York: Manhattan

North Carolina: Bushwacker

North Dakota: Kamikaze

Ohio: Boulevardier

Oklahoma: Black Russian

Oregon: Old Fashioned

Pennsylvania: Whiskey Sour

Rhode Island: Cosmopolitan

South Carolina: Tequila Sunrise

South Dakota: Screwdriver

Tennessee: Buschwacker

Texas: Paloma

Utah: Cape Cod

Vermont: Cosmopolitan

Virginia: Old Fashioned

Washington: Old Fashioned

West Virginia: Kamikaze

Wisconsin: Grasshopper

Wyoming: White Russian


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