“Google Tests Trending Icon In Search Suggestions On Desktop - Search Engine Roundtable” plus 1 more

“Google Tests Trending Icon In Search Suggestions On Desktop - Search Engine Roundtable” plus 1 more

Google Tests Trending Icon In Search Suggestions On Desktop - Search Engine Roundtable

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 04:41 AM PDT

Four years ago, Google began testing trending icons and results in the Google search suggestions on mobile. Some searchers really disliked it and Google enabled an opt out method for it. But it seems recently Google now began testing the same thing on desktop.

Philip Gamble posted some screen shots of Google testing this on desktop search at Google.com on Twitter:

click for full size

Here are more screen shots:

It could not have been just him noticing this because Google Search Console sent me one of those, these pages are trending notifications, and it was related to the trending story. So more most have been searching for this and finding this article based on trying to get rid of this feature?

There is something funny about getting a trending notification from Google about an article I wrote about Google testing trending search suggestions.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

From pride fist to trans rights, here’s what’s trending on Google Search this week - Hindustan Times

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 04:18 AM PDT

Google, over the past couple of weeks, has been sharing what people have been searching for on Google Search. Ever since countries imposed a lockdown in their territories and the fight against the pandemic intensified, people all over the world searched for ways to help others in their community. We also saw people searching for 'teddy bears in windows' and 'microwaved bread' among other things. This week, searches pertaining to the Black Lives Matter campaign gained momentum.

Google in a thread on Twitter revealed that this week people searched for 'blm pride flag' and 'black trans protest donation fund' among others. In a video shared in the Twitter thread said that the global search interest in pride fist, Black and gay rights and trans rights reached an all-time high.

In addition to this people have also been searching for 'black trans travel fund', 'black trans women fund', 'black trans solidarity fund', 'black trans protest emergency fund' and 'black trans donation fund'. The company said that the search for 'blm pride flag' and 'pride flag black brown' spiked by 5,000% in the past 30 days.

In addition to this, people also searched for Black trans women activist Marsha P Johnson, who played a vital role in the LGBQT rights movement. "This prominent figure from the Stonewall uprising of 1969 is being searched at record highs throughout the world," Google wrote in another tweet.

Lastly, the company revealed that the searches for leading trans thinkers and creatives like Laverne Cox, who is currently starring in Netflix's Disclosure, have been soaring.


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