Boles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy News

Boles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy NewsBoles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy NewsPosted: 16 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDTBolesLori Boles recently joined Yadkin Valley Real Estate Inc. and Farms Land & Country Homes as a professional sales broker.As a new Yadkin Valley Real Estate Broker, she will be assisting buyers and sellers with their residential and commercial real estate needs in the Mount Airy and surrounding areas. Under the Farms Land and Country homes banner, she'll be assisting buyers and sellers of rural properties in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Yadkin Valley appellation. Boles is a member of the National, State and nearby Winston Salem Regional Association of Realtors.Boles began her real estate career in 2017 and has been a top producing real estate broker every year. Before that, she owned and operated a successful hair salon for 24 years.She lives in Pilot Mountain with her husband Richard and their two twin children. She has an older marri…

Google now highlights search results directly on webpages - The Verge

Google now highlights search results directly on webpages - The Verge

Google now highlights search results directly on webpages - The Verge

Posted: 04 Jun 2020 02:15 AM PDT

Google is trying to make it easier to find the information you're looking for on external websites by highlighting relevant sections in yellow, SearchEngineLand reports. The functionality works with Google's Featured Snippets — the standalone boxes that appear at the top of search results that attempt to give you answers without having to visit a website beyond Google.

Clicking the snippet still takes you to the webpage that it pulled the information from, but now the text from the snippet will be highlighted in yellow, and the browser will automatically scroll down to the section in question. You can see how it looks in practice in the screenshots below.

The functionality works on Google's Featured Snippets, shown here at the top of the search results.
Screenshot: Google
Clicking on the snippet takes you to the same webpage as before, but the relevant text is highlighted in yellow, and the page may scroll down automatically to bring it into view.
Screenshot: The Verge

According to Google's Danny Sullivan, the company has been working on the functionality for a while. It rolled it out for AMP pages in 2018, and started testing the functionality on HTML pages last year. As of last week however, Google is now regularly using the feature on HTML pages. The rollout was confirmed via a tweet from Google's official Search account.

Although SearchEngineLand reports that the feature is now live on most featured snippets and browsers, in our experience we found that the feature doesn't always work. We were able to get it working in Chrome on desktop and Safari on mobile, but clicking on the same snippets in Edge or Safari on desktop didn't show the yellow text. A Google support page notes that the functionality may be limited based on what individual browsers support.

For the most part, this seems like a common sense way to get users to the content they've searched for more quickly, even if the yellow highlighting might clash with the design of the site. However, SearchEngineLand notes that this could have an impact on the ad market, since a website's visitors may be automatically scrolled down past its ads to the relevant content. The publication notes that sites may need to change the location of their ads in light of Google's latest feature.


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