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BLM Pride Flag and Pride Fist Are Amongst the Most Searched Terms for June on Google - Gadgets 360

BLM Pride Flag and Pride Fist Are Amongst the Most Searched Terms for June on Google - Gadgets 360

BLM Pride Flag and Pride Fist Are Amongst the Most Searched Terms for June on Google - Gadgets 360

Posted: 30 Jun 2020 06:35 AM PDT

Google has shared what people are searching for the most as part of its 'This week in Search' series. June being the LGBT Pride Month, "pride fist", "blm pride flag" and other associated searches have hit record highs, Google says. Additionally, Marsha P. Johnson is also among the highest searched personalities worldwide for the month of June. Additionally, Searches for trans personalities like Laverne Cox have been soaring as well. As usual, Google shared the information through tweets from its official Twitter account.

As per the tweet by Google showing what the world searched for during this Pride month, searches for "pride fist" have hit a record high. In the past 30 days, searches for "blm pride flag" and "pride flag black brown" have increased by 5,000 percent, Google says. The global search interest in "trans rights" also reached an all-time high. Google also shared some of the most popular searches which include "black trans travel fund", "black trans women fund", "black trans solidarity fund", "black trans protest emergency fund", and "black trans donation fund". This shows people are searching for ways to contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and minorities like transgenders.

Additionally, Google also shared that searches for black trans women have also seen record highs around the globe this month. One such personality is late activist Marsha P. Johnson who was an outspoken advocate for gay rights and one of the most prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising of 1969. Searches for celebrities like Laverne Cox, who became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, have also spiked, as per the search giant.

These search results are a combination of the Black Lives Matter movement that is going strong in the West and the fact that June is the LGBT Pride Month. They show that people want to know more about the prominent personalities who represent certain minorities and how the people can show their support.

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Many Texans try hand at outdoor DIY projects - Times Record News

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 09:37 AM PDT

Claire Kowalick, Wichita Falls Times Record News Published 11:23 a.m. CT June 29, 2020 | Updated 11:25 a.m. CT June 29, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has Americans spending more time at home and many people are using that time to complete do-it-yourself projects.

In the first quarter of 2020, while foot traffic dropped for businesses like clothing stores and shopping malls, home-improvement stores saw a surge in business. Lowe's reported a 11.2 percent increase from the same time last year and Home Depot saw a 6.4 percent spike.

A data analysis by Big Rentz, an equipment rental website, found outdoor projects were more popular than indoor ones.

Back in 2018, Big Rentz completed an analysis of what Americans were building. That year, people's DIY goals were a little more light-hearted with people building chicken coops, cornhole boards and bars.

In 2020, Americans seem to be concentrating on more basic projects like fixing the fence or building a storage shed.

An SEO analysis with the tool Ahrefs looked at people's Google searches to find out what was most popular in each state from March through June.

A look at the top "how to build" searches found decks were America's top home-improvement project. Second was houses, third was sheds and retaining walls came in fourth.

Outdoor projects outpaced indoor ones with 15 projects topping the list compared to only four indoor projects.

Many people are sprucing up the backyard to enjoy the outdoors at home with fire pits and pergolas high on the list.

Taking care of furry friends is also a priority with Americans looking to build chicken coops, bat houses and dog houses.

Down in Texas, "how to build a barn door" ranked high in searches both in 2018 and in 2020, with an average of 3,600 monthly searches this year.

After weeding out trending searches for decks, houses and walls, Big Rentz looked into the other searches for each state.

Fences and sheds were top projects for most states, with fences ranking high in Texas.

Western and central states seem to be building fences while eastern states preferred sheds.

Interest in building sheds increased by 14.8 percent from March to June.

 A few states are constructing different projects including Kentucky, where the top project was building a table and Mississippi where building a porch is on people's mind.

Along with home-improvement projects, Americans showed interest in building other things including personal computers, boats and go karts.

Some of the more unique searches were Floridians who searched "'how to build a log cabin" and Minnesotans looking to build trebuchets.

In a different kind of building, Americans were looking for ways to make things in their favorite video games. Minecraft project searches had people looking to build houses, nether portals and end portals fort he game. Animal Crossing players were found looking up how to build a bridge.

Whether DIY projects are a way to stay busy, spruce up the backyard or get some fresh air, Americans are working on ways improve their homes while spending more time there.

See popular projects in other states at:

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Claire Kowalick, a senior journalist for the Times Record News, covers local government, military and MSU Texas. If you have a news tip, contact Claire at

Twitter: @KowalickNews

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