Boles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy News

Boles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy NewsBoles joins real estate firm - Mount Airy NewsPosted: 16 Jun 2020 12:00 AM PDTBolesLori Boles recently joined Yadkin Valley Real Estate Inc. and Farms Land & Country Homes as a professional sales broker.As a new Yadkin Valley Real Estate Broker, she will be assisting buyers and sellers with their residential and commercial real estate needs in the Mount Airy and surrounding areas. Under the Farms Land and Country homes banner, she'll be assisting buyers and sellers of rural properties in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Yadkin Valley appellation. Boles is a member of the National, State and nearby Winston Salem Regional Association of Realtors.Boles began her real estate career in 2017 and has been a top producing real estate broker every year. Before that, she owned and operated a successful hair salon for 24 years.She lives in Pilot Mountain with her husband Richard and their two twin children. She has an older marri…

Bitcoin Halving Goes Parabolic on Google Trends, Just As Price Explodes - Bitcoinist

Bitcoin Halving Goes Parabolic on Google Trends, Just As Price Explodes - Bitcoinist

Bitcoin Halving Goes Parabolic on Google Trends, Just As Price Explodes - Bitcoinist

Posted: 30 Apr 2020 08:15 AM PDT

In less than 48 hours, Bitcoin price has gone parabolic and risen by $1,700 and over 22%, touching nearly $9,500 before falling back to refuel.

However, it isn't just Bitcoin price that's gone parabolic. Google Search Trends for the term "Bitcoin halving" has also spiked considerably, and could be partially what's driving this epic rally.

BTC Price Rallies More Than 20% In 48 Hours, Rocketing Over $9,000

The recent explosive Bitcoin rally has sent the price of the leading cryptocurrency by market cap parabolic, bursting from under $7,800 to well over $9,000 in just two short days.

The extreme push from bulls has revived hope that the Bitcoin halving may have a dramatic impact on sparking the next bull run, as the crypto community has long anticipated.


That hope was nearly crushed by the Black Thursday collapse in March, but nearly all lost ground has already been recovered by the first-ever cryptocurrency.

Much of what is driving the asset's latest bull rally, is growing interest in the asset's halving.

google trends bitcoin halving

Search Queries for Bitcoin Halving Go Parabolic Two Weeks Ahead of Event

Also going parabolic over the last week alongside Bitcoin price, are search queries on Google Trends for the term "Bitcoin Halving."

Zooming out, searches for the term have reached the highest level ever recorded, according to Google Trends data.

The surge is very clear to see on Google Trends charts.  It's also clear to see the impact on Bitcoin price charts, which show a sharp recovery following an extreme selloff in March.

April's monthly candle is now higher than the top of the March candle, and it Bitcoin price can close above roughly $8750, the monthly would close as a bullish engulfing candle – an incredibly bullish signal, that usually is followed by a strong uptrend.

Bitcoin's halving has long been said to have a dramatic impact on the price of the first-ever cryptocurrency, due to the already extremely scarce supply being slashed in half overnight.

Each previous halving has started a new bull run, and with how many more people know about Bitcoin and the Bitcoin halving this time around, the results could be far more significant than in past bull cycles.


The last bull market took Bitcoin from roughly $160 to as high as $20,000. With Bitcoin's bear market low residing at $3,200, the next top could be anywhere from $55,000 to as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars per BTC.

Long-term price predictions put the asset well over one million dollars per BTC, but such lofty valuations are wild speculation. Still, the potential is there, and only time will tell if these predictions come true.

For now, one thing is for sure: Interest in the Bitcoin halving is currently skyrocketing, and so is the asset's price.

Featured image from Pixabay.

‘Ration dukaan’ to ‘how to WFH’: Here’s what India is searching for on Google - Hindustan Times

Posted: 30 Apr 2020 11:55 PM PDT

Everyone's turning to tools and services available online as the lockdown keeps people home. Google has also been releasing Search trends which show some interesting results. There's a new report about what people in India are searching for based on the top five trends.

Google's "What is India searching for?" report for brands lists out the top five trends that emerged the most this year. These Search trends reflect how life changed after the lockdown due to Covid-19 started in India. Most of the top searches by Indian users won't be very surprising and quite relatable as well.

The top Google Search trend in India is searching for essential services. "Near me" searches for things like "ration dukaan", vet doctors, pharmacies, and grocery deliveries have been increasing since March. Ration dukaan saw the highest queries which increased by over 300%. "Best" searches have also grown quite a lot for products like headset, 2W insurance, mattress, movies on YouTube and trading platforms.

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Searches for learning at home have also naturally seen an uptick., and people have been searching for "gym at home", "5 minute recipes", "learn online", "teach online", and "at-home learning". People are also looking for more advanced courses like machine learning and data science.

The keyword "immunity" has also seen a 500% increase along with vitamin C which grew by over 150% in recent weeks. Searches for "consult doctor online" have also increased by over 60%.

Another expected Google Search trend is online payments with "how to change UPI PIN" seeing a 200% growth. More of these include "how to pay electric bill online", "overnight mutual funds" and "electricity bill check (in Hindi)".

With the change in environment for working professionals and students, 1 out of every 2 consumers are searching for "how to homeschool kids" and "how to WFH". More search queries include "collaborative software" and "free video dating". Online consumption was also really high with "Indians clocked almost four hours per week per person on video on demand". And search interest for video streaming platforms increasing by up to 120%.


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