“Google Trends Search Analysis Of Amazon, Netflix, And Tesla - Seeking Alpha” plus 1 more

“Google Trends Search Analysis Of Amazon, Netflix, And Tesla - Seeking Alpha” plus 1 more

Google Trends Search Analysis Of Amazon, Netflix, And Tesla - Seeking Alpha

Posted: 17 Apr 2020 01:29 PM PDT

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What if news aggregation is powered by Google Search and Google Trends - - VENTS Magazine

Posted: 18 Apr 2020 01:01 AM PDT

There are a lot of news articles across the web, one gets so confused about what to read and what news to ignore. In fact, according to MarketingProfs, more than 2 million articles are published every day on the web. Therefore about, 84,000 articles are published every hour across the web. These numbers are not just surprising but make one feel hazy. Of course, we all want to catch up with what is happening in the world. And in our leisure, we also try to browse through the topics that interest us the most. It is like walking through a maze – lost and aiming to get found until the invention of news aggregation sites made it easier than it could be.

Yes, until recently, news readers depended largely on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. But funnily it was a manual mechanism where you research on news topics rather than the usual scrolling them up and down easily. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) came in as a turnaround – a concept that proposes the magic of content syndication from thousands of worthy websites. RSS feeds provides not just everyday news stories but also hundreds of topics and interests ranging from politics, sports, gossips and even food. Now, here is what made this easier and smoother – what if most of these feeds are all gathered around one website. A website that aggregates the most interesting stories from these feeds – saving you time and energy while you have your cup of coffee on a busy day.

The introduction of RSS feeds expands dramatically, to the fact that 100.3 million people regularly use the news channel network. Our worlds are continually impacted by one news outlet or another, but traditional news outlets are still accused of biased coverage that is distorted by parties of special interest. So there is a problem. An issue of biased and one-sided news commentary. It leaves us all with no choice but to incline to the divided communities of news receivers. But there is hope! Especially when news aggregators try to bring all the topics you would like and not like on one page.

The idea of news aggregation has spread all over the world and not in the USA and the UK but also in Africa. For example, newsdey.com is a news aggregating site based in Europe but its targetted audience is Nigeria and the Nigerian news lovers all over the world. With so much going on in that country, its political and cultural atmosphere has attracted much audience than never before. News Dey attempts to build a beautiful interface for news readership, covering over 100 news outlets including international news houses like CNN and BBC. It also covers sports, jobs and other interests that are unarguably needed by the targeted audience. It updates its readers every 15 to 30 minutes, making it the swiftest and reliable news aggregating website. It only publishes the most significant stories. Is this possible? How to know the most significant news or what readers are interested in. Sure. It uses the Google Search algorithm and also manually aggregates the news that analyses on the most talked about topics.

Just like other aggregating websites, they are viewed in the same basic format as a web browser page with a list of articles and links from feeds that the user may prefer to read. Newsdey.com provides the opportunity to search for the most recent updates. Amazingly, it has a widget dedicated to Google Trends. This makes it easier for readers to click on the trending topics and view the google search pages on the selected topics. The fact that news aggregators should be made for easy news consumption of its audience is a step ahead of putting your readers first with the contents you publish and improving on the user interface you showcase these contents.

It should be known that most news aggregators are not free. This can cause a little lack of access to news as most readers would not like to spend a dime on the news they can get somewhere else like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, news aggregators should be free whether it is based on subscription or membership, news should be free. News Dey is free to use just as Alltop, Techmeme and other interesting news aggregating websites. A Google Search Engine powered news aggregation could be the new kid on the block and Newsdey.com has seen this coming.


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