“Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate - CNN” plus 1 more

“Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate - CNN” plus 1 more

Google reveals most-searched candidate during Wednesday debate - CNN

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 12:00 AM PDT

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What does it tell us about the modern political debate process that... The top trending question on Google, during the debate, was "Who is winning the debate ...

India sees more people coming online than the content being created: Google search head - Economic Times

Posted: 07 Aug 2019 09:47 AM PDT

India has more people looking for content online than the amount of content that so far been created, according to Ben Gomes, the head of Google's search and Assistant, who said the internet major is helping to create an ecosystem to build the type of content to answer the queries people search for in the country.

"One of the challenges in India is that lot of people in India are coming online faster than the content is being created. This is different than what has happened in many other countries," Gomes, a Google veteran among the earliest engineers who worked on the Page rank, which made the company to become profitable and be the most used search engine.

India has over 400 million internet users, with over 40 million new users being added every year. In May, Google said search traffic from smaller towns has trumped that from metros.

"India is an interesting place, there is such good access to connectivity and there is no good access to content . There are challenges in asking a query and you see there are challenges in many sites," said Gomes, who graduated in the 1980's from Bengaluru. "The good thing is that technology can be developed to solve these challenges."

He said machine translation can be used to get more English content into regional languages in India but there are technical challenges in ensuring accuracy of the translated content that the company is trying to solve.

"Translation can make content that is available elsewhere available here too. Large amount go content is universal. But a fair bit of content that needs to be localised. We are working with with local creators here to make sure good content is created here," said Gomes.

"We want to take offline content and make it available online. We are working with content owners to help them bring their content online. We are hoping content openly available," he said. "Our goal in search is to give you the highest quality authoritative information. We are constantly improving our algorithm to do that."

Gomes joined Google in its infancy after the startup was recommended by another Bengalurean Krishna Bharat, who invented Google News. Bharat set up Google's India engineering centre in Bengaluru, has rejoined the company after he quit it five years ago.

"It has come a full circle. He is back in Google two weeks ago," said Gomes.


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