“Google Most Searched Democratic Candidates, Topics From Wednesday Debate 08/02/2019 - MediaPost Communications” plus 3 more

“Google Most Searched Democratic Candidates, Topics From Wednesday Debate 08/02/2019 - MediaPost Communications” plus 3 more

Google Most Searched Democratic Candidates, Topics From Wednesday Debate 08/02/2019 - MediaPost Communications

Posted: 02 Aug 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Presidential hopeful and former U.S. VP Joe Biden could land on the Democratic ticket to run against U.S. Republican President Donald Trump in 2020 if Google can accurately predict the next front runner, based on search volume prior to the debate.

If considering the searches on Google during the debate, the search volume could indicate another outcome.

Prior to the debate Wednesday night, Biden took top search interest in about 39 states. Kamala Harris took Alabama, California and Kansas. Cory Booker took Wyoming. Tulsi Gabbard took Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa and South Carolina. During the debate, Gabbard took all states.

"Who is winning the debate tonight?" was the top trending question asked about the Democratic debate on Wednesday night in Google's search engine. In fact, this question spiked at 2,200%, according to Google Trends.



Since the start of the debates, among the top five in terms of interest growth, searches for Booker spiked more than 2,950%; Bennet, 2,800%; Gillibrand, 2,350%; Inslee, 1,950%; and de Blasio, 1,950%.

Gabbard became the front runner in terms of search volume on Google during the debate. Harris followed. Booker came in at No. 3, Biden No. 4, Andrew Yang No. 5, Kirsten Gillibrand No. 6, Jay Inslee No. 7, Bill de Blasio No. 8, Julian Castro No. 9, and Michael Bennet No. 10.

While the search interest in Democratic candidates Booker and Harris skyrocketed by 8:23 p.m. and 2:26 p.m., interest in Bennet sank. Interest in Gabbard, Yang, and Castro also fell, according to Google's visualization tool.

In the first 20 minutes of the debate, people wanted to know the height of the candidates. People search for "How tall is … ?"  De Blasio, Booker, Biden, Castro, and Inslee took the top five searches for this question.

This past week, the top searched issue tied with Bennet, Bidden, Harris and Yang was healthcare. People searching for Castro wanted to know about immigration. Inslee spiked searches in climate change. Those searching for information about Gabbard wanted to know her position on gun control. Searches for Gillibrand were tied mostly to Social Security. Searches for Booker were tied mostly to racism. For de Blasio the searches were tied to homelessness.

The most bizarre questions people are asking Google about Leicester - Leicestershire Live

Posted: 10 Aug 2019 01:00 AM PDT

When you're stuck on a question, what do you do?

Turn to a friend, ask your mum, read a book? For most people, the suggestion will be 'just Google it'.

The popular search engine is a quick fire solution to answering simple and difficult questions. But have you ever wondered what people are asking about our fine city?

Well, you don't need to wonder anymore because we've taken a look at some of the most searched questions about Leicester on Google.

Using Google's autocomplete feature we've found some of the most bizarre questions people are asking about Leicester.

Is Leicester a city?

Yep, in fact, we recently celebrated our 100th anniversary of being a city.

Leicester's a lot older than that but we were only re granted legal city status in 1919.

Is Leicester in London?

Err, definitely not. Although you can get there on the train in about an hour, we're pretty far from the capital.

Just some of the most searched questions about Leicester

Is Leicester in the north?

This will probably depend on who you speak to, but I would say definitely not. We are definitely in the Midlands, but if you try and split the country into just north and south, well, I don't think anyone has decided where Leicester sits...

What is Leicester famous for?

Quite a lot actually. Not sure there's a definitive answer to this one, we've got famous food, famous sports teams, celebrities, a pretty famous king, a famous teenage book character...

Take your pick!

What is Leicester cheese?

We're guessing they're probably talking about Red Leicester with this one. Although they could also mean Stilton.

Why is Leicester pronounced Lester?

Right, we have a proper answer for this one.

The abbreviated way of pronouncing the places name ending in "-cester" can be seen in the Shakespearean era.

This word, spelled ceaster in the Old English language, comes from the Latin castra (camp), originally meant a Roman encampment in ancient Britain.

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What we've noticed about Leicester

It is believed that the "-ster" pronunciation developed in the early 18th century.

William Johnston's 'A Pronouncing and Spelling Dictionary' (1764) notes that 'c' is not pronounced in words such as Leicester, Gloucester and Worcester, which makes them two syllable words.

Why is Leicester cheese red?

Actually I would say it is more orange than red, but there is a reason it's not as yellow as its cheddar counterpart.

Red Leicester cheese

Apparently it was made 'red' to differentiate it from Cheddar and Cheshire cheeses. From the 17th century, farmers started to add vegetable dyes to the milk to give it a distinctive colour.

Why is Leicester associated with foxes?

This is more the county, rather than the city. Leicestershire is considered to be the birthplace of fox hunting as it is known today. Hugo Maynell, who lived in Quorn, is known as the father of fox hunting after establishing his pack of hounds here in the eighteenth century.

Some of the most famous fox hunts have happened in Leicestershire.

Foxton, a village in Leicestershire, to the north-west of Market Harborough, was also given its name from the large number of foxes which inhabit the area.

Why does Dave rap about Leicester?

You might have heard a few references to our city in this rapper's songs. Well, turns out he was a student here, at De Montfort University.

And his references to Leicester have been described as 'an Easter Egg in his songs'.

Just a few of his references are here:

In his song Streatham, Dave says "Like I'm in Leicester skippin' my lectures."

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Welcome to Leicester

In a guest verse in Headie One's 18Hunna, Dave says: "I've got twins in Leicester both tryna say that they're into me."

And Leicester isn't left out in his biggest hit, which was number one, Funky Friday, where Dave raps: "Heard you got a girl going DMU. If I dm'd you would she dm me?"

Why does Leicester smell?

Not sure what to say on this one. Have you noticed a whiff?

How do you spell Leicester?

You've answered your own question there...

Sunny Leone is still the most searched celebrity on Google - CineTalkers

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 11:20 PM PDT

sunny leone

It's 2019 we still see the former porn star – Sunny Leone to be the most Googled Celebrities in India. As per the recently released reports by the giant search engine, she has even surpassed the Indian Prime Minister – Mr. Modi and other stars in B Town like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. As per the Google Trends' Analytics, she remains the most searched lady in terms of her popularity on the web.

People search for her photos, videos and even her biopic web series -Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone. Also, the reports suggest that the number of searches for the former porn star has come a lot from the Indian states like Assam and Manipur along with other places in North East areas. Talking about the same, Sunny was obliged to her fans to give her this achievement on the web.

While talking about the same, she said that she just got to know from her digital management team that she has bagged the number one position beating other stars in Bollywood to emerge as the number on searched celebrity in B Town and she is feeling grateful to her fans. Like the last year, she is back again in the news for the same thing in 2019. In fact, she has remained on the top among the top searched celebrities in B Town. Talking about her work, she has a few films lined up for her dance number and other things. Stay tuned to know more about her and others only with us.

The Most Popular World Of Warcraft Classic Classes - Kotaku Australia

Posted: 13 Aug 2019 04:30 PM PDT

Games don't get banned all that often, and every time it happens there's a surge of interest in Australia's archaic classification system. That's generally followed by a torrent of abuse against the Classification Board, occasionally Australia itself, and more recently, a bit of public vitriol directly against the members of the board.

But as was the case when Fallout 3 and Mortal Kombat were completely banned from sale, the same situation applies with DayZ. Rather than directing ire towards the people whose sole job is to enforce the letter of the law, people need to go all the way back to 1995.


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