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Amazon Advertising: 3 Unique Ways to Sell Your Product - G2Amazon Advertising: 3 Unique Ways to Sell Your Product - G2Posted: 11 Nov 2019 12:00 AM PSTAn advertiser's story often begins with having a product that needs to be sold, and organic marketing alone often doesn't do the trick.You want to go bigger. You want to do better.If you're selling a product online, choosing to advertise on the top e-commerce website in the world might get you the attention you're seeking.Amazon has more than 310 million active customers, all looking to buy something. Choosing not to advertise your product to those customers could be a huge missed opportunity.Just like advertising on any other digital platform, advertising on Amazon should be done to catch the eyes of your target audience, attract them to your product, and, ultimately, turn the right people into your own customers.Below, we'll go over all the different ways that advertisers like you can showcase products on the e-comm…

Tipping Point: Bitcoin Google Searches Trump Kim Kardashian - CCN Markets

Tipping Point: Bitcoin Google Searches Trump Kim Kardashian - CCN Markets

Link to "google trends hot searches" - Google News

Tipping Point: Bitcoin Google Searches Trump Kim Kardashian - CCN Markets

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 12:00 AM PDT

Despite the 2018 U.S. congressional elections serving as a referendum on President Trump, more people searched for "Bitcoin" than the election results. Or Kim Kardashian.

That's according to research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Coinbase, which paints a surprisingly bright picture of the current state of cryptocurrency awareness.

Bitcoin Awareness Is on The Rise

According to the data, 2018 was the year when Bitcoin awareness approached the tipping point for the first time. As per the findings, 58% of Americans now say they've heard of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, more Google searches were found for "Bitcoin" than high-volume search terms like "election results" and "royal wedding."

What's more, Bitcoin is now a substantially more queried search term than even Kim Kardashian. At the time of writing, according to Google Trends, Bitcoin has the benefit of a 3:1 search ratio over the celebrity who "broke the internet."

Bitcoin Kim Kardashian
Google users are far more interested in Bitcoin than Kim Kardashian. | Source: Google Trends

As noted by Coinbase, what better way to measure the strength of Bitcoin's pulse than by comparing it to the vital social organ that is Kim Kardashian.

"On average, Google users have searched for Bitcoin more often than they sought out info on Kim K., and that number is only trending upwards. In late June — as prices climbed — Google searches for Bitcoin surged to almost three times higher than searches for Kardashian."

Bitcoin Flexes Its Dominant Brand Recognition

Of the Americans polled in the study, 58% say they've heard of Bitcoin. That's when they're given a multiple choice list of various cryptocurrencies beforehand. Unprompted, the results change, but Bitcoin's dominance remains, with 37% of people still naming BTC before any other.

The highest concentration of crypto holders can be found in California, New Jersey, and Washington, with New York close behind in the fourth spot.

When ranking for the dollar value of those crypto holdings, however, that order changes. According to the YouGov data, the largest average value of crypto owned per holder is found in Delaware, California, Nevada, and again, New York.

Some more numbers from the findings: 70% of U.S states have now enacted pro-cryptocurrency legislation, and 15% of those polled say they have "intent to buy" at some point in the next six months.

When one respondent was asked why they were interested in cryptocurrency, they said it made a lot more sense than investing in bonds, stocks, and over-priced real-estate:

"A lot of the best opportunities in the stock market are only available to accredited investors, which is a tiny part of the American population. Cryptocurrency is available to everyone."

'There Aren't Many Better Benchmarks Than Kim Kardashian'

Kim Kardashian
"Bitcoin" and "Kim Kardashian" trended closely together on Google throughout 2019, but BTC has the clear advantage in 2019. | Source: Shutterstock

Believe it or not, Bitcoin's sudden blossoming might not be a good thing. At least, that holds true for its price movement, which was growing too quickly according to Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsely.

That cautious sentiment turned out to be well-warranted, as the crypto market soon went on to lose $83 billion in a day.

It should also be noted that the breadth of the Coinbase/YouGov study was not that wide. Only 2,000 internet users over the age of 18 were polled, so these numbers could fluctuate greatly upon further inspection.

Regardless, prices can be pumped, but Google searches are harder to manipulate. As Coinbase says:

"If you want to get a sense of how interested America is in a topic, there aren't many better benchmarks than Kim Kardashian."

If that's true, then Bitcoin is so hot right now.

Google Releases Top Trending Search Terms Of 2018 And Your Name Isn't One Of Them - Forbes

Posted: 12 Dec 2018 12:00 AM PST

How to...


Google has released its annual "Year in Search Data", which can be found on its trends page along with a fresh video journey through 2018 in search. While most of the tech blogs are focusing on the overall top trending search items, there is just as much if not more value to be found in the what, how, where and who of it all. Spoiler: as much as you love Googling your own name, you weren't the who.

It should be noted that the following search items are the top trending search terms of 2018, not the "most searched" or "top searches" overall, just what searches were trending the most in the United States over the last year.

How to...

The top trending search term of 2018 was "World Cup," but people weren't as keen to worry about how to watch it. Rather, they wanted to know how to vote and how to register to vote — the top two searches under "how to". Following that, the people were hedging their bets against the possibility of a well functioning democracy, searching for how to play Mega Millions, how to buy Ripple, how to buy Bitcoin and how to play Powerball. They also searched for how to get the old Snapchat back and how to get boogie down emote (whatever that is) so at least if that quick pick doesn't pay out they can still enjoy emoting on Snapchat.

Where is...

Just as no-one but your mom and stalker wanted to know how to find you, where you actually are isn't a concern. But people sure did want to know where Villanova University is (it's in Pennsylvania). Or perhaps they were reacting to Villanova's sleep texting study. Other trending searches in this category were a bit more obvious, with people searching for the location of Parkland, Florida, as well as where hurricane Michael and Florence were located. Good news for the democracy though, as people were also heavily searching for their polling place.

What is...

What is Bitcoin? What is Racketeering? While there is no direct correlation, it feels like these two items might be related at some point in time. The rest of the "what is" list reads like some demented textbook shopping list held in the hand of a student who has switched majors twelve times. What is Fortnite (Battle Royale 101), what is Good Friday (Religion 202), what is a duck boat (WWII History) and what is Yanny Laurel (Audio Sciences). What does all this mean? It means I can no longer lie to my kids about duck boats being actual boats for actual ducks.


Who won the Mega Millions? Not you. Who dies in Infinity War? I have no idea. Who won McGregor vs. Khabib? You had money on it but couldn't spring for the pay-per-view? Who won Logan or KSI? We all lost. Who won the election? Do you live on an island? Who bit Beyoncé? Wait, someone bit the queen bee? Who is Lil Tay? Was it Lil Tay? Who is Marshmello? Something you put in hot chocolate. I think the thing to take away from this sub-category is that if someone is searching for the who of it all, it is a totally justified search.

Finally, it should be pointed out that unicorn cake was the highest trending search item for food, which is fantastic, but Keto diet recipes showed up on that list in five spots. Keto was also the top trending search for diets. My conclusion here is that a unicorn cake diet is probably the best diet you can ever choose. Sadly, I've lost my appetite since the top trending fashion search was for 1980s fashion. Why can't we just let the 80s die already? Search for that next year.

You can check out the entire Google top trending searches of 2018 report here.


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