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10+ Long Tail keywords Generator Tools (2020) Free & Paid - YourStory10+ Long Tail keywords Generator Tools (2020) Free & Paid - YourStoryPosted: 11 Jul 2020 07:06 PM PDTAre you looking for best long tail keyword finder and generator tools in 2020 then you are on the right place. It isn't effortless to rank your keywords in high place. There are numerous websites which are having competition in gaining the first rank in any search engine query.There are two types of keywords: common keywords that people generally use for their websites, but some opt for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those keywords that have more than three words or phrases.Long-tail keywords help in enhancing your keywords ranking on search engines. To generate long-tail keywords, you require long-tail keywords generator tools. From these tools, you will get several suggestions related to keywords and search volume data, enabling you to select the best option. Here is the list of some best lon…

“Based on what people are searching for on Google, a recession is nowhere near - CNBC” plus 1 more

“Based on what people are searching for on Google, a recession is nowhere near - CNBC” plus 1 more

Based on what people are searching for on Google, a recession is nowhere near - CNBC

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 08:52 AM PDT

Loic Venance | AFP | Getty Images

If what Americans look for on Google is any indication, we're nowhere near a recession.

DataTrek Research examined domestic internet searches for words like "coupon" and "unemployment," which were leading indicators of the Great Recession, and found that search volumes are down significantly. They also looked at "TV" and other media sources like YouTube and Netflix, since workers who have their hours cut back often have more time to consume media.

"If the Federal Reserve looked at Google Trends they might not be so inclined to cut rates next week," said Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research.

Markets are widely anticipating that the central bank will cut its benchmark interest rate next week regardless of some strong consumer data recently and a record-breaking stock market. Job growth rebounded in June with the best gain since January, running contrary to worries that both the employment and overall growth picture were weakening. The unemployment rate edged up to 3.7%, according to the Labor Department.

While weekly initial claims data and the monthly jobs report shows employment trends after layoffs start, online searches for "unemployment" could be an even earlier indicator, according to Colas. People search for the term when they fear a layoff is imminent. Google searches for "unemployment" started increasing in 2005 by more than 5% year over year. Today, there's no change in Google searches and June 2019 was basically flat compared to last year. April and May were slightly lower.

The term "coupon" could be an early recession indicator since consumers often start to look for products with discounts as economic uncertainty increases, even before they defer, or stop buying things altogether, Colas said. Search volumes for the term rose by 45% in 2008, ahead of the Great Recession. Peak "coupon" searches were in 2011 — 200% above where searches were in 2005. The term has been on the decline for the past seven years, and in June 2019 search volumes were 7% lower than last summer.

The final term is a bit more surprising. Words like "TV" and other media sources like "Netflix" and "YouTube" might indicate that people have more time on their hands as a result of having their hours cut. Searches for those three terms are all either flat or declining, Colas said.

"While there are likely some secular reasons for this – most notably users engaged on mobile platforms with no need for a Google query bar – we still believe that once unemployment starts to increase media-related search volumes will follow suit," he said. "Veteran readers will recall this happened pre-Internet with cable television viewership."

Global Search Engine Market 2019 By Industry Opportunities – Google, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Naver, AOL, Dogpile - Financial Planning

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 01:49 AM PDT

 Global Search Engine Market

Global Search Engine Market 2019 report is the comprehensive study of current and future market analysis, trends & growth factors. This report also elaborates Search Engine market size, consumer volume, share, demand and supply status. In addition, factors affecting the growth of Search Engine market and future trends that will boom in the market. To understand the Search Engine market analysis it additionally provides accurate stastical data, pie charts and bar graphs. The Search Engine Market research report provides thorough knowladge about product cost, applications, major industry players, import/export data and Search Engine industry competition.

The report is useful to everyone right from an Search Engine expert, analyst, manager to an employee. It contains a variety of analytical and statistical Search Engine data enabling the reader to have a complete overview and an in and out knowledge of Search Engine. That can be applied in the procedure of decision-making regarding the crucial Search Engine business areas. In order to comprehend the knowledge and insights received from Search Engine report, some illustration and presentation are also included alongside the data. Like Search Engine data in the form of charts, graphs, tables etc. Rather than reading the raw Search Engine data, reading through tools is easier and more inferences can be drawn looking at these illustrative diagrams. Search Engine report also helps the readers to get their hands on ready-to-access analytical data provided by the Search Engine industry professionals.

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Major Participants in Global Search Engine Market are:


The Global Search Engine market is highly competitive and concentrated due to the presence of large number of global and regional Search Engine vendors. The prime focus of all key players active into this market is to focus on developing their technological expertise. These factors are expected to boost the product portfolio and sustain in Search Engine industry for longer period of time. Vendors of the Search Engine market are also focusing on Search Engine product line extensions and product innovations to increase their Search Engine market share.

Search Engine market study based on Product types:

Full Text Search Engine
Search Index/Directory
Meta Search Engine

Search Engine industry Applications Overview:

Personal Use
Commercial Use

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Search Engine Market Region Segmentation

1. North America Country (United States, Canada)

2. South America

3. Asia Country (China, Japan, India, Korea)

4. Europe Country (Germany, UK, France, Italy)

5. Other Country (Middle East, Africa, GCC)

Furthermore in Search Engine Market, the elaborated analysis of regions is discussed with their volume and revenue analysis. The report also helps us to understand key Search Engine marketing strategies followed by Search Engine distributors analysis, industry chain analysis, potential buyers, marketing channels and Search Engine development history. Search Engine Market analysis based on top players, Search Engine market gains, sales, product type, production capacity and gross margin analysis will favor the market development.

TOC Snapshot of Global Search Engine Market

1. Search Engine Product Definition
2. Worldwide Search Engine Market Manufacturer Share and Market Overview
3. Manufacturer Search Engine Business Introduction
4. Search Engine Market Segmentation (Region Level)
5. World Search Engine Market Segmentation (Product Type Level)
6. Search Engine Market Segmentation (Industry Level)
7. Segmentation (Channel Level) of Search Engine Market
8. Search Engine Market Forecast 2019-2024
9. Product Type Search Engine Segmentation
10. Segmentation of Search Engine Industry
11. Cost of Search Engine Production Analysis
12. Conclusion

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In summary, the Search Engine Market 2019 report provides intensive analysis of parent market based on elite players, past, present and innovative data which will act as a valuable guide for all the Search Engine industry competitors as well as new industry entrants.


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