Google Trends: Interest in Ripple 2x Higher Than Ethereum in 2019 - Invest In Blockchain

Google Trends: Interest in Ripple 2x Higher Than Ethereum in 2019 - Invest In Blockchain

Google Trends: Interest in Ripple 2x Higher Than Ethereum in 2019 - Invest In Blockchain

Posted: 11 Apr 2019 03:59 PM PDT

Ripple's XRP cryptocurrency and Ethereum (ETH) have long been battling each other for the #2 spot right next to the crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC), in terms of market capitalization. While the 2 runner-up cryptos swapped spots a number of times towards the end of 2018, Ethereum has remained in 2nd place for the whole of 2019.

Ethereum seems to be winning the popularity contest, with its current market cap of over $17.5 billion compared to XRP's $13.8 billion. However, a different metric used to measure the rival cryptos' popularity shows another story.

According to Google Trends, the number of worldwide users searching the term Ripple has been far greater than the number of search terms for Ethereum throughout 2019, indicating a greater overall interest in Ripple.

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Will Ripple (XRP) Surpass Ethereum (ETH) in 2019?

For Ripple fans and XRP advocates, commonly referred to as the "XRP Army," the flippening of Ethereum by Ripple's XRP bank-friendly token is right around the corner.

Since the beginning of 2019, the interest in XRP via Google searches is twice as much as the interest in Ethereum via Google searches. This could be used as an indicator of what's to come when the bull market really takes off and both mainstream and retail investors begin investing again.

Moreover, apart from Google searches, the general interest in Ripple is noticeably high, as XRP fans can be seen all over social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

Therefore, as crypto prices begin to rise again, we can expect Ripple's XRP token to surge in value, especially since it's had relatively weak price action in comparison to other cryptocurrencies during the most recent run-up.

Who's Most Interested in Ripple?

Upon analyzing the Google Trends data a little further, it appears that the top 5 regions with the most Google searches for Ripple in descending order are Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, and Denmark.

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On the other side of things, the top 5 regions with the most popular Google searches for Ethereum in descending order are Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Iran, and Romania.

According to the data, Ripple seems to be dominating Google Trends more so in first-world countries, while Ethereum is dominating Google trends in developing countries.

Generally speaking, people from first-world countries have more money to invest than those from developing countries. Therefore, it can be speculated that the wide majority of these people searching for Ripple have already invested in XRP or are thinking about it. It would also make sense that, as Ripple is aiming to disrupt the remittance industry, migrants living in first-world countries might search for XRP in hopes of finding a faster, cheaper way to send money back home.

However, regardless of what Google Trends says, Ethereum is still the 2nd-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and has experienced a greater rise in price in 2019, from its yearly low of $103 to a yearly high of $181. This indicates a 43% price gain for Ethereum, while Ripple's XRP only experienced a maximum price gain of 19%.

Do you think Ripple's XRP will surpass the market cap of Ethereum (ETH) due to increased interest from people around the world? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

‘Google’s Top Searches’ was a category on ‘Jeopardy!’ this evening - 9to5Google

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 05:42 PM PDT

Google searches taken in aggregate often reveal interesting insights about what's currently trending around the globe. It also makes for fun trivia, with this evening's episode of Jeopardy! featuring a whole category about "Google's Top Searches, 1999-2018."

The first round of the long-running game show included a category called "Google's Top Searches, 1999-2018." One of the easier clues was "Every year, this best pal has been the most search-for type of animal."

"What is a dog?" was the obvious $200 answer, with Google highlighting the category (and host Alex Trebek) after the fact on Twitter. Contestants on the April 12th episode selected all the clues in this category.

Jeopardy! likely didn't have to work with Google as the search engine publicly publishes this data on Google Trends. The site was last updated in May with a refreshed design, infographics, and focus on curated stories. It is a fun browse and powerful historical tool for research, with the homepage heavy on country maps, charts, and recently trending — Star Wars: Episode 9 today, obviously.

The general knowledge game show has covered Google and its products in the past. One funny example was in 2016 when contestants mistakenly believed that Marshmallow was a version of iOS.

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

Google, YouTube, Facebook: The World's Most Popular Websites in 2019 - Digital Information World

Posted: 08 Apr 2019 08:30 AM PDT

With the invention of internet, websites have become the ultimate source of information for mankind. In fact, the title can be described as a more common thought that millions of users have in their mind every year regarding the internet. The process of opening hundreds of websites daily for work, entertainment or even study etc. has become a lot more easy. While the credit indeed goes to the networking technology for making the experience better with time, still the people who started making websites and developing the world of internet also contributed a great deal.

Today, an internet connection stands as an external organ that every human being needs. It has opened doors of endless possibilities but at the same time, it created a stiff competition as well.

So, today we are going to deep dive into the most basic and important information related to the websites.

From tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube to SEO ranked websites, everyone is involved in the battle of gaining the maximum visitors. Some of you might already know that Google is a forever king in the list of most popular website, yet there are still a lot of surprises, that one should know.

The list is compiled by SimilarWeb and the positions are based on the number of visitors each website had in the month of March 2019.

This chart shows the domains with the most visits in March 2019, excluding NSFW/Porn websites.

Visits Per Month in Billion
63.14 Billion
25.19 Billion
21.18 Billion
10.53 Billion
5.27 Billion
4.07 Billion
4.02 Billion
3.16 Billion
3.13 Billion
2.64 Billion
2.48 Billion
2.43 Billion
2.2 Billion
1.97 Billion
1.7 Billion
1.6 Billion
1.16 Billion

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