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Google to change the TrueView name to YouTube in DV360 - PPC LandGoogle to change the TrueView name to YouTube in DV360 - PPC LandPosted: 01 Jun 2020 04:38 AM PDT Google last month announced that is changing the TrueView name to YouTube in DV360. Starting on June 15, advertisers will see the TrueView line items renamed into YouTube & partners line items.Google says the change will better reflect the variety of YouTube inventory available through Display & Video 360.Metrics, dimensions, and report templates will also be updated to use the YouTube name.Google introduced the YouTube TrueView ad format back in 2015, and since then, multiple ad formats from YouTube were introduced on the platform, including YouTube Programmatic Guaranteed, bumpers, and non-skippable ads. Successful Brands Use These YouTube Marketing Strategies - NewswirePosted: 31 May 2020 12:02 PM PDT[unable to retrieve full-text content]Successful Brands Use These YouTube Marketing StrategiesNewswire You are subscri…

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How to Make Internet Searches Easier for Older Relatives - Lifehacker

Posted: 25 Mar 2019 07:59 AM PDT

Setting up a computer for your grandparent or parent can be frustrating, especially if you're trying to do it over the phone with them. If you can actually get your hands on the computer, though, you have an opportunity to make their Internet experience way better.

Redditor u/TyrKiyote shared on r/LifeProTips that they got their 80-year-old grandpa's computer ready for him by manipulating the algorithm on YouTube:

When setting up a computer for an older family member, prime their search history.

I set up a Chromebook for my grandparents. I had the thing for a few days, labeled it and tried to make it simple and nice. I think the thing that made the biggest difference though, was doing some youtube searches of things I knew they liked.

Now when grandpa gets the idea that he wants to see what this computer stuff is about he sees suggested videos about Glen Campbell and backyard farmer rather than what youtube feeds by default. It's already made a huge difference - rather than feeling lost he'll see something and click on it, and its turned into him watching what he wants by searching rather than what gets fed to him over the TV (at least sometimes).


This could be applied to a number of popular sites that a less savvy computer user might peruse, starting with Google. You're not only helping them see the sorts of stuff they're interested in, you might be redirecting them from the messed-up stuff that tends to rise to the top of search feeds without direction; in fact, u/WayneFire commented that they had this exact problem with their grandpa:

Fantastic idea. Wish I did this when I setup stuff for my grandpa. Didn't expect him to watch YouTube that much. Now he's been watching bunch of conspiracy theories with those "weird green frog." He's an amazing person ... but I think he deserves better entertainment.

If you're not sure what someone might be interested in, you can check out their bookshelves, search movie and music clips from the era of their youth, or just ask them directly what they want to use the Internet for (besides porn). There is a lot of power in a little search—as u/mr_li_jr replied, "Use the power of big data for good, not evil."


Google Downplays Searches for News of No New Indictments in Mueller Probe - Washington Free Beacon

Posted: 24 Mar 2019 05:00 PM PDT

Google CEO Sundar Pichai / Getty Images


Google search is hiding auto-completed text related to the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Mueller's investigation has finished with no further indictments, the culmination of a story that has dominated the news for the better part of two years. But the most popular search engine is avoiding the topic.

Using Google search on multiple browsers and on private-browsing mode, the Free Beacon found Google search had an aversion to the search term "indictment."

Using either "Trump" or "Mueller" as the subject, the following word "indictment" was not suggested even after spelling out most of it. For example, putting "Trump indi" into Google's search bar does not lead to "Trump indictment" but rather to "Trump India," "Trump India Pakistan," Trump India tariffs," and "Trump Indiana."

This problem did not occur with Google's search engine competitors, Yahoo and Bing. Those search engines suggested news about the indictments when you typed in the related words.



"As a professional data scientist with at least some expertise relating to searches and profiling, I can say with near certainty that Google should have pushed me news stories relating to this and yet I had to search on my own to find the actual results of the report," a tech industry source told the Free Beacon.

As users spell out "indictments," Google offered highly unusual search options besides "indictments." One top suggestion was "Trump indicator," which leads to pocket-sized playing dice for pinocle or bridge.

Searching specifically for "Trump indictment," the Free Beacon found Google preferred the result "Trump indictment advent calendar," which leads to a humorous story in which indictments of Trump family members are seen as gifts around Christmastime. (The Free Beacon had not previously searched for such a calendar and it was not on our search history.)

On Monday a Google spokesman, Danny Sullivan, tweeted a response to the Free Beacon's article, saying searches that could be seen as "denigrating" may not have autocomplete predictions appear.

Sullivan's link leads to a Google blog explaining that sexually explicit, racist, violent, or dangerous predictions are kept from appearing on Google search. Nowhere does this blog say Google excludes search predictions that "might be construed as denigrating," and it does not provide an explanation for why news of Trump being exonerated would run afoul of Google's search predictor.

Google was previously accused of pushing positive stories about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has denied this kind of bias occurs in its search results, saying so repeatedly in a congressional hearing last year. Democrats, however, seemed to undermine Pichai's message by arguing in that hearing that Google is free to suppress conservatives in its search results if it so desires. Pichai said such suppression of different views would violate the company's "core principles," although an executive was caught emailing about making sure Google services helped Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The company's fidelity to principles of free expression has also come under scrutiny as it has continued to work with Xi Jinping's autocratic regime in China. Because of severe free speech restrictions in that country, Google had been developing a special search engine "Dragonfly" that would block topics disapproved by the regime, including history about China and the Communist Party. Dragonfly was put on hold after it spawned an outcry against Google, but employees have expressed concern that it's being developed in secret.

Domestically, the Silicon Valley giant is also dealing with pressure to have its products more strictly regulated. Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren (D.) has called for breaking up major tech companies on anti-trust grounds.

Updated 4:10 p.m.: This article was updated with a response by Google's Danny Sullivan.

Pinterest Revenues Grow 60%, Plans IPO In April 03/26/2019 - MediaPost Communications

Posted: 25 Mar 2019 08:28 AM PDT

Pinterest just pushed up the timeline for its IPO.

In an S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company announced plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "PINS" by April. The pin-based network was previously planning to list in June.

The company's latest filing also revealed significant details about its business, which had previously been private. Pinterest said its revenue grew 60% to $755.9 million, last year.



Still not profitable, the company also said it's losing less money. At the end of 2018, it generated a net loss of $63 million, compared to a net loss of $130 million at the end of 2017.

At the end of 2018, Pinterest also reported 265 million users, and more than 175 billion "pins" saved to its platform.

In its filing, Pinterest also opened up about what it considers to be its competitive edge in a crowded digital marketplace. Namely, Pinterest portrayed itself as the perfect discovery engine.

"Usually, [visitors] are still undecided about what products and services are right for them," the company notes in its S-1 prospectus. "97% of the 1,000 most popular searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

"The early commercial intent of Pinners differentiates us from other platforms and is attractive to advertisers looking to raise awareness at the top of the purchasing funnel," according to Pinterest.

Targeting more traditional media channels, the company also believes it has an opportunity to capture brand advertising dollars currently being spent in offline channels.

"People seeking inspiration use Pinterest in ways that mirror how they use magazines and catalogs," according to the company. "Long-term trends show that these advertising budgets are shifting to online channels."

To satisfy investors, Pinterest insisted that "new and improved products" for users and advertisers would lead to consistent growth over time.

Specifically, the company plans to improve the relevance of its ads by leverages its insights into users' tastes and interests. A similar strategy has left Facebook and other tech titans facing tough questions about consumer privacy. 

Along with the development of improved measurement tools, Pinterest also believes it can continue scaling its relationships with advertisers.

Etsy's top wedding trends for 2019 - AOL

Posted: 25 Mar 2019 09:46 AM PDT

Whether you're in the midst of planning your own wedding, sharing tips with your best friend or are just filling up your "wedding" board on Pinterest for one day soon, Etsy is a great place to shop for unique, yet thoughtful touches for the big day.

The site is filled with artisan veils, invitations, place cards, party favors and more.


Etsy's 2019 Wedding Trends

See Gallery

Statement sleeves

More and more brides are looking to stand out amongst a sea of mermaid gowns and sweetheart necklines. One way to do that is by choosing a dress with statement sleeves, a look that can be made classically elegant or beautifully bohemian.

Shop: Arabelle Boho Wedding Dress, $1,350


Secret messages

Couples are leaving small messages to one another away from their guests on their wedding day. These small but thoughtful messages can be on a patch inside a coat jacket, embroidered behind a tie, stamped under a dress hem or even sewn on the bouquet. 

Shop: Mr. and Mrs. Patches, $56


Unexpected textures

For brides who prefer a more neutral color palette for their wedding, adding in textures can help break things up without being too over-the-top. Think adding pampas grass to a bouquet, velvet chair covers, raw-edged stone cuff links and laser cut invitations.

Shop: Leather Bowtie, $35


Sustainable celebrations

As companies make strides to incorporate greener practices into their daily business, brides and grooms are taking note. This wedding season is set to the be one of the greenest yet with people searching on Etsy for reusable straws, biodegradable confetti and vintage decor.

Shop: 4-pack Reusable Glass Straws, $16.99


Functional favors 

Generic favors, be gone! In 2019, couples are opting for favors guests will actually look forward to taking home and using, like these adorable coffee beans. Etsy has reported that this year alone there has been an increase in searches for "wine favors," "honey favors," and "soap favors." 

 Shop: The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor, $15.99+


'90s style

We've seen '90s style is coming back in fashion, so it makes sense the trend has made its way into weddings. Brides are reportedly searching on Etsy for rhinestone garters, bridal fanny packs, butterfly clips and holographic accents.

Shop: Painted Desert Fairy Crown, $65+







Recently, Etsy tracked their most popular wedding-related searches and released the eight most popular trends they've seen take off just ahead of wedding season. The list includes everything from statement sleeves on wedding gowns to unexpected textures within decor.

You can see and shop Etsy's wedding trends for 2019 in the gallery above. But remember, any trends you decide to incorporate, make it personalized to you and your partner. This is your day!


Wedding color palettes by WeddingWire x The Pantone Color Institute

See Gallery

Love in bloom

Colors: green, fuchsia, silver

This color palette combines earthy shades of green with pops of bright pink and silver. Per a press release, "Structural floral installations are making a big impact in 2019 wedding decor, with an opportunity for couples to incorporate greenery and bright pops of color alongside abstract sculptures in wood or metallic tones."

Golden hour

Colors: copper, gold, rust, beige, brown, orange

"Golden hour" is a twist on the popular neutral palettes of the past, adding pops of light gold and copper. "Warm neutrals in this palette offer the opportunity to incorporate one of 2019's most popular texture trends: pampas grass, a natural colored wheatgrass that pairs well with minimalist florals," according to a press release

Stroke of midnight

Colors: blue, purple, fuchsia, silver, white

"Twinkling whites along with clean and cool metallics add sheen and sparkle, providing an incandescent glow to this cutting-edge collection of colors," the press release reads. WeddingWire suggests incorporating 2019's most popular linen, velvet, to show off the richness of the colors. 

Paradise found

Colors: blue, turquoise, teal, white, coral, orange

"Paradise found" practically screams sunshine and beach waves. "The playfulness of the palette invites couples to mix and match wedding party attire — including groomsmen suiting and accessories in fun colors across the spectrum," WeddingWire suggests. The pops of brighter colors can also be channeled through signature cocktails, artwork and florals. 







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