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Daily Bulletin: State Report Adds Momentum for Using An Available Tool to Catch More Shooters - The Trace

SwiftKey for Android is getting search built into the keyboard - The Verge

Microsoft-owned SwiftKey is getting web search built into its keyboard on Android. The company is hoping that users will find the feature makes looking up information faster within a conversation. To access the feature, simply open the toolbar on the keyboard through the + symbol and select the Search icon to type in any search terms. Given the Microsoft connection, it makes sense, but is still unfortunate that the search bar is powered by Bing, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change this to Google search. Through the feature, you can access search results that appear in a browser tab overlay. You can then tap to screenshot, crop, and share with contacts. When you send a screenshot, it also comes with a small hyperlink to the webpage. The feature is available for users in 11 countries: the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy, and Spain. The feature was available for testing through SwiftKey for Android beta, which is a public app any

Google Beta Testers Wanted For The Search Console Performance Report - Search Engine Roundtable

Google is once again looking for beta testers to help improve the Google Search Console Performance report. John Mueller of Google posted on Twitter saying "we're looking to make some changes and would love to get your feedback, especially if you use the report regularly & have a kinda complex site." To apply to be a beta tester, go this form and complete it. Hey masters of the Search Console Performance report -- we're looking to make some changes and would love to get your feedback, especially if you use the report regularly & have a kinda complex site. Curious to try it out? Sign up here: — 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) November 28, 2018 Google said on the form: We're looking for a handful of beta-testers for some changes in the Search Console Performance report. In particular, we'd love to get feedback from folks who use this report on a daily or weekly basis, who are willing to send us feedback, a

Google Searches for "Bitcoin" Increasing, According to Trends - Invest In Blockchain

Google To Release Agency Client Information For California Federal Court Trial 11/27/2018 - MediaPost Communications

Advertising agencies began receiving a legal notice from Google late Monday related to a lawsuit brought about by AdTrader, which manages and places bids for online advertising.  Google’s letter to agencies states that the company has been ordered by a California federal court to produce information related to some of its advertising accounts. This lawsuit was filed against Google on behalf of Google Marketing Platform, previously DoubleClick Bid Manager; Authorized Buyers, previously AdX; and Google Ads, previously AdWords advertisers. The email serves as a notice to agencies that Google will comply with the order on December 5, 2018, and provide names, company names, customer IDs, addresses and or telephone numbers associated with specific account numbers. It also will turn over to  AdTrader's lawyers  any information related to the credits received when publishers working with Google’s ad exchange was terminated. advertisement advertisement “What I really want to know i

Code suggests Facebook is working on a comment keyword mute tool - Digital Trends

Facebook could soon allow users to remain blissfully unaware of comments that contain certain keywords or phrases. Reverse engineering guru Jane Manchun Wong recently uncovered a potential Facebook feature that would allow users to mute certain keywords, phrases, or even emojis. According to the screenshots, the feature notifies users that “the people who post those comments and their friends will still be able to see them.” But, comments with those keywords won’t appear on your timeline, the screenshot says. The screenshot shows a tool that works using existing comments — without a text field, the phrases appear to be auto-suggested from existing comments, though exactly how the tool works is unclear. The potential feature is part of a content moderation tool that also allows users to block other users from commenting. Wong says the feature is for personal timelines, not business Pages. If launched, the tool would join existing options like a spam filter for comments. Facebook

Google Search Tests Expandable Related Queries - Search Engine Roundtable

Google is testing new functionality for the related queries section you see at the footer of the Google search results. This shows Google giving the searcher the ability to click on a related query and then it expands and shows them a single search result for that query, which they can then click on "more results" to see more. Jonathan Jones posted a video of it in action on Twitter but first, here is a screen capture of it: Here is the video: A people also ask styled feature at the bottom of the SERPS under ‘Related Searches’ #seo #google — Jonathan Jones (@Jonny_J_) November 28, 2018 It kind of is nice to be able to see the first snippet for the related query before jumping into all the search results for that query. Forum discussion at Twitter .

SearchCap: Google Search Console changes, Google Image design & Russia penalties - Search Engine Land

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Is Google Image Search launching a new design for image preview? Nov 27, 2018 by Barry Schwartz We’re waiting for official confirmation from Google but they may be rolling out a design update to their image search product. Back to basics: How to capitalize on site search insights Nov 27, 2018 by Stela Yordanova Website visitors are leaving many insightful data clues so use them to enhance your content development plan. 8 best online reputation management tools for your brand Nov 27, 2018 by Sponsored Content: Awario If your brand has an online presence at all, you can’t not worry about its reputation. Today, online reputation management (or ORM for short) is not only applicable to every business; ignoring it can cost you customers and money. Here’re just some of the reasons why ORM should be an integral part of your strategy: […] Google

Google Search Console updates index coverage report for mobile-first indexing and warns about replacing old reports - Search Engine Land

Google has made two changes in Google Search Console over the past 24 hours. Most significantly, the index coverage report now uses mobile-first indexing data when available. Meanwhile, Google has issued notices about sunsetting old Google Search Console reports when similar reports exist in the new Google Search Console. Google index coverage report uses mobile-first indexing data. Google has updated its  index coverage report to use data it gathers from the mobile-first indexing initiative instead of using desktop indexing data for sites that have already switched to mobile-first. Google said this only impacts “properties that have been migrated to mobile first indexing.” What changed with the index coverage report? Google said the only data impacted in this report is related to the “error counts” and “new issues” related notices. Going forward, this index coverage report will reflect the status of mobile-first indexing around those issues. Google said the “indexed page coun

Google search to show direct results to answers that are obvious in nature - Business Today

Google is rolling out a new feature on its mobile search app, where a query can be answered by a single direct result and Google will no longer show the standard web links   BusinessToday.In         Last Updated: November 27, 2018  | 13:54 IST Google is rolling out a new feature on its mobile search app wherein, if a query can be answered by a single direct result, Google will no longer show the standard web links.  Having direct search results on mobile platforms can lead to faster search experience and it is also very convenient. Google is quietly rolling out the feature and some users have already received the update. Meanwhile, Google hides the search results for the direct query it answers.  Instead, Google provides the 'Show all results' link at the bottom which can be clicked to see more links related to the query. Google has been quoted as saying that it shows the direct results only for queries for which it has extremely high confidence. According to Google, sear

Google Trends data shows Bitcoin interest at eight-month high - CryptoNewsReview

The price may have been falling, but the interest in Bitcoin has been peaking… by Manoj Sharma for CNR The top-ranked digital asset based on the market capitalization, Bitcoin, seems to be an increasingly popular search term on Google. As per the data published by Google Trends, Bitcoin searches on Google are now at an eight-month high, even as the price of the cryptocurrency comes under heavy pressure. At present BTC, like the rest of the market, is experiencing a huge decline in its growth, which began in mid-November. But at the same time, this has led to a reawakening of interest in cryptocurrencies from the general public. It seems there’s no news like bad news… According to Google Trends , the current interest in Bitcoin is on the same level as it was in April, when BTC’s value significantly increased from $7,000 to $10,000. After this price rally, interest among the public dropped, and the cryptocurrency reached at an 18-month low in public interest – by Google’s figures –

How to quickly create click-inducing AdWords ad copy - The Next Web

NY SEO and AdWords Marketing Company (GVATE LLC) Launched a Rebranding Campaign - Life Pulse Health

NEW YORK – 11-26-2018 ( ) — Change Reflects Scopes and Opportunities for Business Expansion GVATE LLC , an award-winning SEO and AdWords Management agency in NYC has announced the launch of its newly designed logo and website as a part of the company’s ongoing evolution. The new logo represents the brand identity of GVATE to its extensive client base throughout the globe. Since its inception in 2015, GVATE has been offering reliable SEO and AdWords marketing services in NYC to small, medium and enterprise clients. Within a brief time, GVATE has earned an excellent reputation in the SEO industry and is certified as the “Best SEO Firm in NYC” by Clutch.  The new logo design indicates that the company is revamping its business ethics and is planning to adopt a new model. This new design also takes into account the true meaning of the company’s name. GVATE stands for Globally Innovate. The idea that innovation is embedded in the company’s DNA is clearly portrayed in

4 Free Digital Marketing Courses You Should Take Today - Business 2 Community

Digital marketing is a must for any business looking to get exposure today. But getting starting can be very confusing. Whether you are looking to do it yourself or hire outside help, having a good understanding of how digital marketing works will help ensure you have success. In this video I share 4 courses you need to invest time into today. [embedded content] Links to Trainings: Video Transcript: Hey. Thanks for checking out this video. If this is your first time watching or maybe you’ve been watching a while and haven’t yet subscribed to our channel, we would love for you to do so now. We create new content each and every week to help you get the most out of your marketing activities online. In this episode we’re going to be sharing four free digital marketing courses that we highly recommend. These are courses that we’ve taken ourselves, that I’ve taken personally myself, and I find that they’ve been extremely helpful to further my knowledge in digital marketing and get the m

What Is the Best Search Alternative to Google? [POLL] - Search Engine Journal

Google has dominated the search engine market for most of its 20-year existence. Today, most SEO efforts mainly revolve around the popular search engine. Google holds a massive  92.74 percent search engine market share worldwide, according to StatCounter, as of October. While Google is truly a force to be reckoned with, some view its dominance in the internet search space as problematic. The company, with its large network of Internet-related services and products, owns a vast wealth of information on its users and we don’t exactly know all the ways they are using it. Privacy concerns are among the top reasons why some people prefer using other search engines instead of Google. We wanted to know which Google search alternative is favored by marketers, so we asked our Twitter community. What Is Your Favorite Google Search Alternative? Here are the results from this #SEJSurveySays poll question . According to SEJ’s Twitter audience: 36 percent chose  DuckDuckGo  as their favor

Google Local Search Study: Businesses on First Page Have an Avg. 4.4 Star Rating - Search Engine Journal

Businesses ranking on the first page of Google local search results have an average review rating of 4.42 stars. This information was revealed in a recent study from BrightLocal which examines Google reviews and how they relate to local rankings. A high star rating was found to strongly correlate with better rankings in Google search. Businesses ranking in the top 3 positions are more likely to have an average star rating of 4-5 stars (64% of businesses have 4-5 stars). Out of those ranking in positions 7-10 59% of were found to have a 4-5 star rating. Only 20% of businesses in positions 1-3 were found to have no Google reviews, compared to 26% of businesses in positions 7-10. Those numbers stress the importance of having a favorable star rating when it comes to ranking well in Google local search. Positive reviews send signals to Google that the business is trustworthy and provides a good experience for customers. Therefore, Google will be more likely to direct people toward

Google Search Trend Volume Interest For Bitcoin Keyword Jumps To 8-Month Highs - Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Google Searches For Bitcoin Jump To 8-Month High Bitcoin is in a really bad situation as the bear market shows its claws once more, but it looks like sites that report on the subject will see an increase in their visitors exactly because of that. In a move that might be seen as strange at first but ends up making total sense in the long run, the more the prices drop, the more people need to be informed about what will happen. Google Trends has shown that the “ bitcoin ” word is being searched a lot. In fact, now it is being searched almost 100% more than it was two weeks ago. With all the uncertainty that the bear market brings, people want to be informed. Now, we are seeing a 13-month low in prices and an 8-month high in searches. The interest in the asset was declining steadily over time. The last peak was on February 4 and then it only went down as you can here in Google Trends . 18-Month Low Was Hit Soon Before The New Trend Began As you could see in the Google Trends chart

3 Tips for Better, Faster YouTube Keyword Research - Business 2 Community

Think back to the last time you wanted to know something. You headed straight to Google, right? Now, think about this: What did you do the last time you wanted to learn how to do something? You had to change a switch on your dishwasher. Apply your makeup in a new trendy way. Cook a dish so far outside of your comfort zone it needed a safe word. You probably headed to YouTube instead. And you’re not alone: 5 billion videos are consumed daily on YouTube. The platform’s users comprise almost a third of the internet . YouTube is a marketer’s paradise. With so many potential viewers, your target audience is bound to be searching for how to videos and more. To make sure your ads get in front of your audience, though, you need video SEO and keyword research on your side. Here’s how to make it work. Why You Need Keyword Research for YouTube It’s simple: Video marketing is too expensive to not be as strategic as possible about what you’re creating and how you’re distributing it.

Bitcoin Interest at Eight Month High, Google Trends Data Shows - Live Bitcoin News

Despite the continued decline in the price of Bitcoin, Google Trends shows a recent increase in the popularity of the cryptocurrency as a search term. This news is a reversal of the established trend for most of the year when BTC Google searches had a prolonged decrease. Numbers Reach April Bull Run Levels Bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency based on market capitalization, appears to be a popular Google search term once again. According to Google Trends , BTC searches on Google is now at an eight-month high. Presently, the popular cryptocurrency like the rest of the market is experiencing a massive slide which began in mid-November. However, it seems the current price action is causing a reawakening of interest on the cryptocurrency within the general public. The current Bitcoin interest, according to Google Trends, is on the same level as it was in April. At that time, BTC staged a significant price rally from $7,000, eclipsing the $10,000 price mark. Since then, interest con

European search engines aim to challenge Google with privacy protection

LONDON — In the battle for online privacy, U.S. search giant Google is a Goliath facing a handful of European Davids. The backlash over Big Tech’s collection of personal data offers new hope to a number of little-known search engines that promise to protect user privacy. Sites like Britain’s Mojeek , France’s Qwant , Unbubble in Germany and Swisscows don’t track user data, filter results or show “behavioral” ads. These sites are growing amid the rollout of new European privacy regulations and numerous corporate data scandals, which have raised public awareness about the mountains of personal information companies stealthily gather and sell to advertisers. Widespread suspicion in Europe about Google’s stranglehold on Internet searches has also helped make the continent a spawning ground for secure searching. Europe is particularly sensitive to privacy issues because spying by the Nazi-era Gestapo and the secret services in the Soviet Union is still within living memory.

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Rankings, News Indexing Bug, Black Friday Ads & More

This week I covered a possible tweak to the Google search ranking update. Google also seems to be still experiencing issues with some news publishers not ranking in search. Google said sites can still rank even if they are spamming. Google is showing fewer videos and fewer image boxes / carousels in web search. Google video carousel is testing a related videos option. Google is also testing a double top stories carousel slider. Google tests image thumbnails in the web results yet again. Google’s John Mueller dug deep into why you may see an error for discovered but currently not indexed. Google said domain name registration time is not a ranking signal. Google is testing again the sticky rounded header design. Google Ads has a Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad extension for a limited time. Google My Business Insights promised to speed up the data flow this week, but then said it won’t be coming for 3-6 months. Google launched a new design for hotel results in the web results. Google als

French Government Will Stop Using Google Search Engine

G oogle is already walking on thin ice with European countries because of European Union regulations, leaving it no choice but to impose a fee on utilizing Google Apps. Now, France has taken the first steps to eradicate Google and its “personalized services” from its country. As Wired reports, the French National Assembly and French Army Ministry declared last month that they would stop using Google as their default search engine. Instead, French bodies will use  Qwant , a French search engine that assures users of not using their personal information for tracking and targeted advertising. French President Emmanuel Macron has previously stated that government bodies should have stronger rules to protect people’s privacy, safety, and access to the internet. “If we don’t regulate [companies’] relations to data, the rights our citizens have on their own data, their access and sharing – what is the point of democratically elected government?” said Macron at the recent Internet Gove